Header Text: The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture, Second Edition by Linda Null and Julia Lobur

Instructor Resources 

PowerPointâ„¢ Presentations

Supplement your lectures with PowerPoint presentations that correspond directly with your textbook. For each chapter, the authors have created a set of PowerPoint slides that emphasize important points and provide the perfect accompaniment to your classroom teaching.

Instructor's Manual

The authors have created a detailed teaching tool for each chapter of your textbook. This instructor's guide provides goals and objectives for each chapter, lecture notes that include helpful hints for difficult concepts, solutions to the exercises for which answers are not provided in the text, sample exam questions, and more!

Tables and Figures

The figures and tables from the textbook are available as JPEG files for instructors interested in creating their own lecture slides or transparencies for classroom use.

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Marie Simulator Software

Download all the files you need to assemble and run MARIE programs. For more information about the MARIE architecture please consult your textbook. Enclosed in this zip file are:
1. MarieSim.jar (executable jar file for the simulator)
2. MarieSource.jar (the source file for the simulator)
3. README.txt
4. MarieGuide.doc (a user's guide in WORD format)
5. MarieDP1.jar (executable Java jar file for the data path simulation)
6. QuickGuide.doc (a quick start guide in WORD format)
7. Sample MARIE programs

     Click to download the Marie Simulator v1.3.01

CAMERA Memory Tutorial Software

Download CAMERA, a memory tutorial software package that includes tutorials for direct mapped cache, fully associative cache, and set associative cache. The package also provides a tutorial on virtual memory and paging, including use of page tables and a TLB. For a quickstart and for more information, download and read the Camera-User-Guide, provided here as a word document.

     Click to view/download: Camera.zip (54 Kbytes)

     Click to view/download: Camera-User-Guide.zip (725 Kbytes)

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